Making Government Transparent, Efficient and Accountable

I will make the following issues my top priority:

– Review all portions of the county budget to analyze for cost effectiveness to keep costs low
– Find innovative ways to make government more  transparent
– Attract new businesses to Shelby County
– Work with small businesses in Shelby County to provide an environment with growth opportunity

Reducing Crime

Improving public safety is one of my top priorities. Taxpayers know that public safety is a major function of government. Without safe streets, our county cannot thrive.

I will fully support and advocate for our members of law enforcement and all public safety departments.

Lowering Taxes

When we cut wasteful spending and reduce crime, our county will thrive. We’ve seen the debt paid down over the past 8 years of Republican control in county-wide offices and I will continue to push for debt reduction.

The county commission passed a tax cut in 2017 but an increase in property values actually lead to increased taxes for some. We should continue to find ways to lower taxes and compete with surrounding counties who have significantly lower property taxes.

Attracting Businesses

Our county’s economic health depends greatly upon the nature and quantity of businesses that operate within its limits. When businesses are spawned in Shelby County or move here, the revenue they generate contributes directly into the property and sales tax base.

All of Shelby County can benefit from the additional revenue achieved by attracting new businesses.